Two-Bedroom Moving Kit


We prepared a moving kit that fits all your need when it comes to moving supplies! From the larger box to the smallest tape roll, everything is here in this moving kit!



Moving from a two-bedroom apartment soon? We created a two-bedroom moving kit that covers for the usual requested supplies for these kinds of moves. Of course, we tailored it like this after many years of experience!

In this kit you can find 45 large, medium and small moving boxes, two mattress bags (one for queen and one for single / double), plus packing paper, four rolls of tape, and a marker.

If you need more boxes or supplies of any kind, order them separately here.

The two-bedroom moving kit includes:

Two Bedroom Kit $403
20 Small Boxes $110
15 Medium Boxes $90
10 Large Boxes $70
4 Rolls of Tape $24
30lbs Packing Paper $75
1 Black Marker $4
1 Queen Mattress Bags $15
1 Single/double Mattress Bag $15